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The common thread between the exploration of child labour in a gold ore mine in Peru, a Pakistani girl,targeted for opposing an extremist regime that bans women from studying, US pharmacist Valeant and a firstMinister of Malaysia who inaugurated the 1MDB state investment fund. The money laundering.Money indeed allows the conclusion of university studies and the financing of research that guaranteeshumanity’s advancement. However, it cannot be denied that the same money that fuels corruption andbribery of a public official encourages criminal networks that exploit workers in precarious conditions orsupports terrorists.These are precisely the positive things that money can provide. However, is it possible for us to justkeep to the positive things that money can provide? This is precisely the theme of this work. Keep moneydirty, dirty.This work intends to propose a paradigm shift in the way which money laundering is fought.For that, this project was divided into two sections. The first addresses the phenomenon of moneylaundering in the present. Trying to conceptualize the phenomenon, understand its functioning, and presentan analysis that allows observing money laundering from a macro perspective of multiple dimensions.In the second section, the phenomenon is approached under the projection of the future. It uses afictional narrative based on current facts and future projections. This narrative presents a framework of adisruptive money-laundering prevention system.It is hoped that at the end of this book, the reader will not only be able to support the implementationof the new anti-money laundering model but also revisit its concepts on social responsibility, tax collection,and money laundering.